Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


What are the costs for PMUNC 2017?

For PMUNC 2017, delegate fees will be $85 per student, but $90 after our regular registration deadline. This includes all Conference fees and transportation to and from Princeton University for campus visits on Friday Morning. The delegation fee is $50 per school; however, the delegation fee will be waived for all schools that register during the Early Registration period and schools who register early will also recieve a free t-shirt! Transportation to and from the Conference is the responsibility of each delegation. Other costs for the Conference include hotel rooms and meals which are handled directly by the East Brunswick Hilton.

What are the registration deadlines?

Early registration runs until September 2nd. Schools that register before that and will have their school fee waived and receive earlier committee & country assignments! Regular registration will be open until October 31st. Late registration will take place thereafter.

How can we register?

PMUNC 2017 offers you the possibility of registering online, making your life much easier! We have an updated website this year with a new aesthetic as well as a new and improved registration system. You can be registered immediately for the Conference and not have to wait for that check to be cut to start receiving information.It also helps us expedite the registration process immensely. Please remember, however, that for hotel and committee/country assignments you will only be considered fully registered after we have received your full payment.

How should payments be addressed?

We are offering two payment methods for this year’s conference:

  1. All PMUNC check payments should be issued to the Princeton International Relations Council (not PMUNC) and mailed to: Aaron Sobel, 4973 Frist Campus Center, Princeton, NJ 08544. Please make sure to write your school’s name in the memo line.
  2. This year, PMUNC is proud to introduce a new online payment system, through which delegations can pay by using a credit card. On the system, you will be able to pay for both conference registration fees (delegation and delegate), as well as meal plans but not hotel fees. If you're paying online, please ask our Charge for a link.

I am an individual delegation, what do I do?

Please register as usual; however, please put "Delegate name - Individual Delegation" for the delegation name, and the name of the parent or chaperone that will be accompanying the delegate for the FA information. Please note that all individual delegations must be chaperoned.

If I have any questions, to whom should I address them?

Please direct all PMUNC 2017 related questions to our Chargé d’Affaires at

Travel and Lodgings

Where will the Conference be held?

The Conference will be held at the Hilton East Brunswick Hotel and Conference Center, just a short drive from Princeton University.

Am I required to stay at the Hilton?

We strongly encourage all schools to stay the Hilton. We have negotiated special rates with them and most hotels in the area will offer much higher rates. Moreover, all delegates participating in a number of our Crisis & Experimental Committees are required to stay at the Hilton (or provide their own transportation) due to the intensive immersive experience that these committees entail.

How do I get to the hotel by:

  1. Air?

    Newark International Airport (EWR) is the closest and most convenient airport for travel to and from the conference center. NJ Transit’s Northeast Corridor Line train service stops at Newark International Airport; using Air Train (airport monorail), connect to NJ Transit (North East Corridor) for service to the New Brunswick Station, at which point you may take a Taxi. For more details, please refer to the Logistics page.

  2. Train?

    Trains to New Brunswick Station leave New York City’s Penn Station (Northeast Corridor) and Philadelphia’s 30th Street Station (SEPTA to Trenton, Northeast Corridor thereafter) regularly. The hotel is a 10-minute drive from the New Brunswick Station. Several taxi companies service the train station and we encourage you to book them in advance. For more details, please refer to Travel Information under the Registration section of our website.

  3. Car or Bus?

    A map is provided below. Driving instructions can be found at the hotel's website, or through entering your address in the map below.

How do we make room reservations?

Please refer to the page Logistics.

Are my hotel arrangements set after I reserve my rooms?

No. You will be required to submit a room list to the Hilton by October 30, 2017. Without this your registration at the hotel cannot be completed.

How much are the hotel fees for PMUNC 2017?

The room rates this year are US$140.00 per night ($150 for triple+ occupancy). These rates do not include sales (7%) or occupancy (8%) taxes. Schools may be exempt from state sales tax upon presenting an ST-5 exemption form. Please contact the Hilton directly for more information on the necessary requisites.

How will we get to and from the hotel to the University?

Transportation to and from the hotel to Princeton University, for Friday morning campus visits, is included in the Conference fees. Buses will drive to and from the hotel to the University to accommodate all transportation needs.

Country and Committee Assignments

What are the countries and committees of PMUNC 2017?

The list of committees for PMUNC 2017 can be viewed on our website. The list of countries will be posted on the website as well as soon as it is available.

When and how are countries and committees distributed?

Our Country & Committee Assignment Application will be available on the PMUNC 2017 website. Specific instructions on how to apply will be available as well. We urge you to follow these instructions carefully - in the past, several schools and/or delegates were unable to receive their preferences due to the delay caused when the application was improperly or incompletely filled out.

Countries will not be assigned if we have not received registration payment. Schools that register by the Early Registration date will have priority in Country & Committee Assignments.

Country & Committee Assignments will be distributed in October. We hope that this gives faculty and delegates enough time to prepare for the Conference.

Why do I have to apply to some committees and not for others?

Some of our committees are very narrowly focused; application committees will likely be faster paced and will require a higher level of commitment on the delegates’ part. By requiring an application, we hope to ensure that the delegates in the committee are interested, engaged and willing to put the time and effort into their positions. However, please do not be intimidated or discouraged by the application in any way. The main criteria for selection are your interests and the degree to which we believe the committee will help you develop as a delegate.

Are delegates allowed to use laptop computers in committee?

PMUNC has a strict no-laptop policy. No laptops are allowed in committee or for resolution writing during caucuses outside of the committee room. You may bring your laptop for personal use in your hotel room, but it may not be used for any committee-related purposes.

We understand that it may be more convenient to have laptops, but it would be extremely unfair for the delegates who do not have the ability to procure a laptop for use during the conference.

If I have a question about my committee, whom do I email?

You can find your chair’s email address on your committee’s webpage. He or she will be the best person to provide you with information regarding your committee. Please feel free to email your chair at any time! If you have any general questions about assignments or the Conference in general, please contact our Chargé d’Affaires, Alis Yoo, at

If my faculty advisor has questions about assignments, whom should he or she contact?

All questions about Assignments should be directed to our Chargé d’Affaires, Alis Yoo, at

How can I access the Delegate Materials page?

Once we receive your school’s registration, you will be given a username and password that will allow you to access all PMUNC materials, including Background Guides, Code of Conduct, preparation guides and other important documents.


How many delegates will be at PMUNC?

PMUNC 2017 will welcome approximately 1100 delegates from all over the country and the world.

Are there any out-of-session activities?

Traditionally, there are two out-of-session activities at PMUNC. This year, a visit to Princeton University is scheduled for Friday morning. At the University, you will be able to tour the campus with engaging Princeton student tour guides, attend information sessions on admissions to Princeton, visit the University Store, and eat lunch at Princeton. On Saturday night, students can either attend a delegate dance or a watch a movie at the hotel.

Who runs the Conference? (Last year the staff members were speaking in many different languages, where are they from?)

PMUNC is organized by approximately 130 Princeton University students, who share your passion for international affairs, politics and education. Last year, our staff members came from over 35 countries, including Australia, Belgium, Bulgaria, Colombia, Dominican Republic, El Salvador France, Greece, Hong Kong, India, Iran, Ireland, Israel, Jordan, Pakistan, Palestine, Poland, Portugal, Singapore, Slovakia, Spain, Switzerland, Turkey, Uganda, the United Kingdom, Uruguay, Venezuela, Vietnam, and Zimbabwe.

Can I bring my iPod, digital camera, computer and/or video camera? Is PMUNC responsible for them?

We strongly discourage you from bringing personal items that can be damaged or lost during the Conference. As per the Code of Conduct, which either you or your parents sign (if you will be under 18 years of age at the start of the Conference), PMUNC is not responsible for any loss or damage to your property. No student will be allowed to participate in the Conference without presenting a signed Code of Conduct.

What is the dress code?

The dress code at PMUNC is western business attire for all Conference sessions as well as Opening Ceremonies. However, the out-of-committee activities i.e. the delegate dance, movie and trip to Princeton University are not covered by this dress code. Moreover, at Closing Ceremonies, we strongly encourage all students to wear their PMUNC shirts!

Where will Opening and Closing Ceremonies be held?

Both Opening and Closing Ceremonies will be held at the Hilton. We strongly encourage all delegates to attend both Opening and Closing Ceremonies. If for some reason, your school is not able to attend either or both, please notify the Chargé d’Affaires in advance.

Meals and Money at PMUNC

Where will we eat during the Conference?

For PMUNC 2017 there will be several options for breakfast, lunch and dinner:

  1. Hilton Meal Plan
    The hotel has put together a meal plan, for $105.00 which includes two lunches (on Friday and Saturday) and three dinners (on Thursday, Friday and Saturday).
  2. Breakfast
    Delegations can elect to pay $120.00 for the aforementioned meal plan, with an additional continental breakfast provided on Saturday, or $142 for a 8 meal plan.
  3. Delivery
    Several nearby restaurants offer delivery services. Please refer to the Meals section under the Registration tab on our website for further details, menus and contact numbers. If you choose this option, we strongly encourage you to order your food before committee session ends, as it may not reach in time if ordered afterwards.

How much money should students bring to the Conference, for food and miscellaneous expenses?

Students who do not purchase the hotel’s meal plan should estimate this same amount for every meal throughout the entire Conference. In addition, PMUNC t-shirts will be on sale at the conference for $14 each (other merchandise from $2-$10 as well) and students will be able to buy Princeton gear from the University store during the campus visit on Friday. They can check their website for selection and prices.