Below is the current slate of committees for PMUNC 2017.
For more information on each committee, please click the interactive tiles.

General Assembly

Diego Negron-Reichard

Disarmament and International Security Committee

Alis Yoo

Social, Humanitarian, and Cultural Committee

Gabriela Pitten

Special Political and Decolonization Committee

Lena Hu

World Health Organization

Larry Bao

UN High Commissioner for Refugees

Vishan Nigam

Economic and Financial Committee


Fritz Hillegas

World Bank

Aleksander Vladicic

European Council

Gene Li

African Union

Audrey Spensley

Historical Cabinet of Venezuela

Elkhyn Rivas Rodriguez

International Criminal Court

Casey Chow and Samuel Oh

Silicon Valley Roundtable

Maia Hamin

NATO (novice)


Nicholas Wu

Taiping Rebellion: The Qing-Western Coalition

Natalie Fahlberg

Yemeni Civil War: The Prime Minister’s Cabinet

Ben Press

World War II: The French Cabinet (novice)

Rahul Mehta

Security Council

Ryan Chavez

The Mexican Revolution: Constitutionalist Executive Committee

Matthew Edelstein, Andrea Delgado, and Sarah Dinovelli

JCC: First Boer War