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The Secretariat of PMUNC 2014

Seamus Daniels


Preston Lim

Chargé D'Affaires

Martha Jachimski

Chief of Staff

Alanna Williams

Under Secretary-General of Hotel Relations

Ben Dobkin

Under Secretary-General of Security

Kevin Tresselt

Under Secretary-General of Transportation

Jason Choe

Under Secretary-General of Publications

Austin Jackson

Under Secretary-General of Entertainment

Sunny Zhang

Under Secretary-General of Entertainment

Tucker Jones

Director-General of Committees

Cydney Kim

Director-General of Content Operations

Paul Yang

Director-General of General Assembly Committees

Ararat Gocmen

Director-General of Crisis Committees

Neamah Hussein

Director-General of Specialized and Regional Committees

Jennifer Zhou

IRC President

Ella Cheng

IRC Vice-President

Elise Backman


Lena Sun

Director of Finance

Angelica Chen

Website Developer

Clement Lee

Website Developer