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Check out the background guides and prepare for a great conference! Get ready: it'll be grand in the land of sand.

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PICSIM Welcomes You

PICSim runs from 2/19 to 2/22. Our schedule is here

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Everything you need to know about committee procedure summarized into a handy 2 page document

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Our Secretariat

Ujjwal Dahuja
Secretary General
Richard Peay
Chargé d'affaires
Tucker Jones
Sam Maron
Director of Crisis
Nina Wade
Director of Publications
Paul Yang
Director of Operations
Ararat Gocmen
Chief of Staff
Alex El-Fakir
Director of External Relations
Jenny Zhou
IRC President
Ella Cheng
IRC Vice President



Brave the dangerous Middle East in the cabinet of Israel. Navigate security issues under global scrutiny

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Decide the future of this upstart Islamic State and its policies. Will you survive the watch of the West?

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United Arab Emirates

Come to this meeting of ministers. Respond to the demands of your committee and your country

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